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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Radio Show and Tell

A few of the most memorable highlights from my time at The Montreal Radio and Television School were our field trips to radio stations. I had already had a chance to visit CJAD during Halloween 2008 to interview Sol Boxenbaum. He was nice enough to show me around the three Astral stations before we sat down. Before  I left, Sol gave me some of the best advice I could have gotten in retrospect. He told me to always watch my back because there would always be someone waiting in the wings ready and eager to take my job. That holds true far beyond the world of radio, as I have since learned…

Well, our school class went to visit Astral in December. We were led upstairs by Olga, of Laurie and Olga fame. There we were given the grand tour by Mark Bergman, who couldn’t have been nicer. It’s a top-notch set up to be sure. The old saying: “if these walls could talk” sure holds true over there.

From right to left behind Virgin's Mark Bergman: Yours truly, John Kakoulakis and Luigi Di Grappa
In January of 2009, we made the “pilgrimage’ to Team 990. For most of the guys who wanted to get into sports radio, it appeared to be a truly religious experience. By comparison, 990 was far less flashy, but no-less historic when you consider the history of CKGM on Greene Avenue. Below you can see Andie Bennett and the back of Mitch Melnick's head.

I'll end with a peek at Radio Centre-Ville, where I have been a contributor since early 2009.

Once you make your way up what seems like a thousand stairs, you'll find a pretty vibrant community radio station. Just watch the chairs, they are a little dated... At CINQ, it’s what goes on the air that really matters. Here is a look at Master Control, where many of your favourite RCV shows emanate from. And no, I have never actually seen the reel-to-reel player in use. You are hearing Janet Stubbert's "Scottish Voice"  playing in the background.

And that concludes this week’s show and tell. Thanks to Robert Vairo for snapping the first two photos.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Yesterday's News: A History of Professional Baseball in Montreal

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Yesterday’s News: A History of Professional Baseball in Montreal

Part 1:
- The Montreal Royals and Jackie Robinson

Part 2:
- MLB expands to Montreal
- The Expos: 1969-1979

Part 3:
- The Expos: 1980-1997

Part 4:
- The Expos: 1997-2004
- Montreal without the Expos