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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Yesterday's News #297 - March 26th, 2016

Show #297 - March 26th, 2016

Part 1:

News from Montreal and from Beyond:
March 20 - 26

- Federal budget tabled
- Taxi driver becomes first Montreal homicide victim on 2016
- Security compromised at some Concordia library workstations
- Major fire breaks out in Old Montreal
- Woman struck by car downtown
- Vigil held at City Hall to show solidarity with Belgium
- First woman elected to the Quebec legislature dies

Part 2:

- A few words about Olympic Stadium’s 40th birthday
- A few words about the likelihood of MLB returning to Montreal

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Yesterday's News #296 - March 19th, 2016

Show #296 - March 19th, 2016

Part 1:

News from Montreal and from Beyond:
March 13 - 19

- Quebec budget tabled
- UPAC makes several high-profile arrests
- Man in custody after the stabbing of three people at Toronto military recruitment office
- Two home invasions take place in the Montreal area
- Attempted robbery foiled at Lachine bar
- Woman found dead in basement of a Ville Emard bar
- Bixi gets new corporate sponsor
- STM to experiment with passengers entering buses at rear

Part 2:

- A few more words about cord-cutting and phone options
- Automatic emergency braking to become standard feature in cars
- CBC to ban web comments from anonymous users

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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Yesterday's News #295 - March 12th, 2016

Show #295 - March 12th, 2016

Part 1:

News from Montreal and from Beyond:
March 6 - 12

- Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visits Washington
- Quebec aims to change its immigration policy
- Major water main break in NDG
- CAA study confirms gas prices in Quebec have not fallen in synch with price of oil
- Hydro rates to go up again in April
- Quebec considering new plan to deal with Uber
- Mitchell Brownstein acclaimed as mayor of Cote St-Luc

Part 2:

- Some old time radio from 1943

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Yesterday's News #294 - March 5th, 2016

Show #294 - March 5th, 2016

Part 1:

News from Montreal and from Beyond:
February 28 - March 5

- Quebec investing another $500,000 into Montreal's anti-radicalization centre
- Man assaulted on STM bus in Lachine
- Three people rescued from balcony during Cote-des-Neiges fire
- Man killed after car hits tree in Rivière-des-Prairies
- More info released about charges against former mayor Applebaum
- Quebec asks for a court injunction to stop Energy East Pipeline
- Montreal and suburbs come to an agreement about the cost of water
- Montreal wants more streets and parks named after women

Part 2:

- A few words about “skinny” cable
- Trump wins spark interesting Google searches
- More news about Google’s driver-less car