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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Yesterday's News #307 - December 4th, 2016

Round Table topics:
- Justin Trudeau's comments following the death of Fidel Castro.
- Donald Trump.
- Court upholds Montreal’s ban on pitbulls.
- Air Miles has backs off plan to void points.
- The unemployment rate in Quebec now at lowest level since 1976.
- Only around 10% of Syrian refugees who arrived in Canada since November of 2015 have been able to find jobs.
- Trudeau Liberals to undo previous government's moves to identify those who vote.
- The two largest English school boards in Quebec will be investigated by a provincial auditor and the anti-corruption squad.
- Old Montreal Children’s Hospital site will no become ballpark.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Yesterday's News #306 - November 20th, 2016

Yesterday's News returns in a new format.

Part 1:

- Federal Finance Minister thinks people should get used to the "job churn" economy.

- CRTC data indicates Canadians are consuming more media, but are watching less TV.

- Queens casino refuses to pay out millions after they claim slot machine malfunctions.

Part 2:

The Round Table convenes to discuss:

- Donald Trump and the American election.

- A possible Muslim housing project in Brossard.

- The possible religious house of worship ban in Outremont,

- A piper fined $220 for carrying a Scottish traditional knife in his sock.

- The plight of the contract worker.

- Metro conductors playing with their cell phones.

- Snow on the way...

Monday, August 15, 2016

Thank you for your support. Yesterday's News aired its final episode on May 21st. Please continue to follow me as part of the Radio Centre-Ville Round Table which airs every Saturday from 2-3 PM.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Yesterday's News #305 - May 21st, 2016

Show #305 - May 21, 2016

Part 1:

News from Montreal and from Beyond:
May 15 - 21

- Montreal imposes year-long moratorium on horse-drawn carriages
- Former interim mayor Applebaum asks to have criminal case against him dismissed
- Montreal municipal engineers walked off the job
- Montreal Auditor General claims recommendations have been ignored
- AMT cancels $100 million contract it had signed with Bombardier
- Montreal police unveil body cameras

Part 2:

- A few words about space travel
- A few words about automobiles and the smartphone

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Yesterday's News #304 - May 14th, 2016

Show #304 - May 14, 2016

Part 1:

News from Montreal and from Beyond:
May 7 - 14

- Three die as fire ravages apartment building in Longueuil
- Police ask for help in finding hit-and-run driver
- Molotov Cocktail thrown at STM bus
- Man was shot in St. Michel
- West island high school threatened
- Quebec sends group of firefighters to Alberta
- Quebec unveils legislation to deal with Uber
- Quebec's birth rate continues to decline
- Number of fatalities in road accidents in Quebec increases
- New international wing opened at Trudeau Airport

Part 2:

- A few words about moving
- Census web site crashes
- Government upholds rights of small ISPs

Yesterday's News #303 - May 7th, 2016

Some old time radio from the 1950s.

Saturday, April 30, 2016