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Monday, November 21, 2016

Yesterday's News #306 - November 20th, 2016

Yesterday's News returns in a new format.

Part 1:

- Federal Finance Minister thinks people should get used to the "job churn" economy.

- CRTC data indicates Canadians are consuming more media, but are watching less TV.

- Queens casino refuses to pay out millions after they claim slot machine malfunctions.

Part 2:

The Round Table convenes to discuss:

- Donald Trump and the American election.

- A possible Muslim housing project in Brossard.

- The possible religious house of worship ban in Outremont,

- A piper fined $220 for carrying a Scottish traditional knife in his sock.

- The plight of the contract worker.

- Metro conductors playing with their cell phones.

- Snow on the way...

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