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Monday, May 17, 2010

Cell Phones, Dangerous?

They just came out with the results of another non-conclusive study on the health risks of cell phones. This was supposed to have been a biggie, spanning thirteen countries. All they will say is that there seems to be an increased risk for so-called heavy users. That is as far as they will go, and of course, they claim we need more studies.

The insane amount of time people spend on their cell phones has been increasing steadily over the past decade as access has become pretty much universal. So what exactly constitutes heavy use, when half the people you see walking down the street have cell phones practically glued to their heads? More troubling is how this study did not take into account the use of children and teenagers.

It seems that radio wave emissions vary from phone to phone, and the manufacturers are not keen about clearly divulging the levels. Therefore, you really have to do your homework before you make a choice. Sometimes you just have to use common sense. Who really thinks that putting that thing to your ear for hours at a time can possibly be a good idea. It’s best to use the hands-free option if possible. Of course, that isn’t very practical when you are walking down the street.

I remember when cell phones first became available to the masses. It was in the early 1990s, and the things were gigantic by today's standards. Unbelievable as it may seem, they were originally intended to be phones! Now these "devices" can do just about everything and anything... An entire generation is growing up pretty much attached to their phones day and night. If there are long-term consequences to this overuse, they may only become obvious decades from now. Brain tumours can take up to 25 years to develop, sometimes longer. So years from now, like with so many other things. we might wonder why we didn’t take the risk factor more seriously than we did.

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