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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tracking the Weather

If weather interests you, consider getting a weather radio-capable receiver. You can buy weather radios that will even sound an alarm whenever an alert has been issued. For interest's sake, the main weather radio frequencies in Montreal are 162.550 MHz for Environment Canada and 162.400 MHz for the National Weather Service out of Burlington.

These frequencies used to be updated by a real human being, but that was done away with years ago. What you have now are computerized voice systems. Of course, the Canadian service is a bilingual one, using two different "voices". It alternates between english and french. In Montreal, you will notice that during the french part of the updated loop, you are informed that they are broadcasting the signal from the Mt. Royal transmitter. There is no such mention on the english loop. They also continue to refer to Dorval Airport rather than Trudeau...

The American feed can sometimes be a challenge to pick up. It is broadcast from the top of Mt. Mansfield, in Vermont. It is a far more thorough loop of information, including detailed statistics. Both will immediately add details of any watches and alerts as soon as they are issued.

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