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Thursday, April 22, 2010

TV Distractions

One great thing about radio is that you are still able to process one piece of information at a time. Think about it, what do you see when you tune into an all-news channel on television? You've got scrollers and boxes and flashes of never-ending Breaking News. You are bombarded with so many distractions, you sometimes lose focus of what you are supposed to be watching. Of course, the distractions all disappear when it's time to go to a commercial!

This trend began with scrolling texts during 9/11. During a crisis, you can see the usefulness of such things, perhaps to convey emergency information. Unfortunately, that usefulness is now rarely seen. Instead, you may be watching a serious news report about the economy, only to be distracted by some ridiculous scroller message about the cancellation of The Hills. Most of the time, the scrollers are giving you information that has nothing to do with the program at hand.

You can get extra info on radio receivers, particularly for satellite radio, but it's not distracting info, and you don't have to look at it. You can still process information with no distraction, until they figure out a way to present you with more than one audio message at a time...

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